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The Rough DraftThroughout this course, you have been working toward your final project. This week, you will besubmitting a rough draft of that project. Using the information from your outline, your bibliography, andyour literature review, combine the information to create a rough draft (you will have the opportunityfor this to be reviewed by your instructor and your peers). Once you have completed your work, post itto W6 Discussion: Peer Review forum. Note that we will return to this forum in week 6. Pay closeattention to the following criteria to ensure you covered everything.For All Assignment TypesYour assignment should be well-organized and demonstrate an orderly flow of information that clearlyaddresses the subject chosen. In addition to the above criteria, your final project should include thefollowing elements.You have three options in how you can present your final project:As a PaperYour paper should be creative and demonstrate what you have learned. It should be a minimum of 5-7pages in length and you will use APA style formatting with a title page and reference section. Youshould use Times New Roman, 12pt. font, double-space your lines, and set your page up with one inchmargins. See the APA templates at Writing Commons for details on how to format your paper.As a PresentationLike the paper option, your presentation should be creative and demonstrate what you have learnedthroughout the project. Your presentation should be 8-10 minutes in length, include visual elements(graphics, pictures, etc.), be presented using a program such as PowerPoint or Prezi, and you shouldrecord yourself giving the presentation. Consider using screen capture programs such as JING orScreencast-O-Matic.


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