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Write an essay on how well this review will contribute to Harry’s development. Support your position with evidence from your text, and at least one scholarly resource.The development of leadership is a continuous process as an individual gainsexperiences assumes greater levels of responsibility, and faces a growing complexity oforganizational problem-solving demands. The 360-degree feedback assists in thisdevelopment through two fundamental objectives.The first objective is on an individual level. For the individual, the process providesleaders with unique data perspectives of their abilities as viewed by their peers,subordinates, those in supervisory roles, and self-examination. The best use of these datafor individuals is to design a personal development plan to address areas of concernsurfaced through the assessment.The second objective is to improve overall organizational performance. As anorganization’s leaders develop their abilities to work, manage, and lead, the performanceand attitudes of corresponding workgroups will improve. Therefore, the entire organizationstands to benefit as individuals improve.To assist you in this process, your personalized 360 Feedback Report containsthe following elements:z This Introduction to the 360z Explanation of 360 Leadership Rolesz Interpretation of the 360 Dataz Your Overall 360 Profilez Role Comparison Scores and Item Score Breakdownz Open Ended Question Listingz Appendix A – All Scores Summaryz Appendix B – Personal Development Plann


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