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I NEED A 1 PAGE PAPER (INFORMATION BELOW), BY TONIGHT !Please follow all instructions carefully.Assignment #3: Favorite Contemporary FIGURATIVE ArtistFor this sketchbook entry, you will be considering figurative artists that are making work today. A figurative artist makes artwork that is either about the body, or uses imagery of the body to express their ideas. Artwork created from roughly the 1950’s through today is called Contemporary Art, and we are in a period that is called ‘Postmodern’ Contemporary Art. To start this assignment you will read the section below titled ‘THE BODY – THE HUMAN FIGURE IN THE POSTMODERN WORLD’. As you read through it make notes in your sketchbook about ideas and artists you find interesting. You will then do some research on artists in the handout or look for other figurative artists that are making artwork today. If you aren’t sure of artists that you like that are currently making work, go to the library or a bookstore and look at magazines like ArtForum, ArtWeek, Art in America, ArtNews, Beautiful/Decay, etc. Or go out and see some art! Gallery complexes like Bergamot Station offer a wide variety of artwork to be seen in a short and easy visit. Check out for a complete listing of galleries and museums in Southern California. You will get extra time for this assignment but don’t think you can put it off and complete it at the last minute!! Start now and keep working on it ??You will choose 3 artists and will provide the following information in your sketchbook about EACH one of them:1. Write about their artwork and why you like it. Include comments about what makes the artist a FIGURATIVE artist. You should write at least one full paragraph for each artist.2. One example of the artists’ work. Make sure it is a high resolution color print.* You can glue, staple or fold and place these materials in to your sketchbook. I suggest that you somehow make sure that your papers do not fall out while in transit.Here are two websites that are full of information about Art and Artists – please visit and bookmark them!http://www.artlex.com to The Artchive section) more 


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