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Here are my suggestions for the final research paper. Also I have attached the guidelines and outline.Hypothesis: Your hypothesis is too complex and needs to be revised.  You have to chose a position and stick with it.  An example hypothesis would be: “Participants experiencing higher levels of stress will have lower GPAs.”  Then, you need to revise your operational definitions to include the variables you list in your hypothesis (in the example hypothesis above, you would need operational definitions for “higher levels of stress” and “lower GPAs”).You need to switch your Independent and Dependent variables.  Remember- the IV is what you as the researcher are manipulating.  The DV is what is being measured.You need to narrow the population you will randomly choose participants from and base it on what you are studying.  In other words, if you are studying the impact of stress on GPA, you must choose participants from a population of students (so they have a GPA that can be measured).Measuring DV: again, if you are looking at the effect of stress on GPA, you must measure GPA (not test scores).


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