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Let’s face it; today’s college students have it rough. Their class schedules are not only hectic but they also have to juggle school work with tricky social life and myriads of extracurricular activities. It always feels like there aren’t enough hours in a day.

That’s why I hire someone to write my paper to take some pressure off of me. The truth of the matter, however, is that finding someone to write my paper is no walk in the park.

Herein, I’ll offer you seven tips that made it super easy for me when hiring a pro to write my essay.

  1. Get Recommendation from Your Friends

Know of friends who have aced one class after another? The chances are that they have discovered the secret of professional essay-writing services. If you trust them enough, be sure to get recommendations for the best writers, the ones who’ll do a bang-up on your paper. Of course, don’t take their word for it – go ahead and do your own research, read reviews, and inquire further from the said writers.

  1. Is the Rating System Credible?

Every essay-writing service has its own system for rating their writers. It could be a 5-star or 10-star system. Either way, it pays to understand how their rating works.

  1. See Beyond the Number Rating

Sure, 5-star writers are good for value, and most of them will often deliver a gem of a paper. However, when I want to hire someone to do my essay, I find it crucial to go beyond the star-rating. How many times has the writer been rated? How is the writer faring when it comes to a specific subject? What exactly are past clients saying about the writer? The devil, as they say, is always in the detail. Don’t be afraid to dig in deeper.

  1. Make Sure That You are Paying for a Professional

The good news is that most professional writers are Ph.D. and Masters graduates. Nonetheless, it’s paramount that you check their profiles and perhaps contact support for further clarity on the matter.

  1. Go for Site-Recommended Writers

Every essay-writing service usually has a group of A-list writers they have hand-picked. These are the pro writers who have stood out of the crowd. Oftentimes these are the writers featured on the front-page. Make sure to pick your writer from this clique.

  1. Does the Writer Offer Unlimited Revisions?

Things don’t always go right – perhaps you didn’t explain the instructors clearly or the writer misinterpreted the topic. If you believe the writer has a knack for writing, you can have him or her amended the paper until it’s superb. This is only possible if site/writer offers several or unlimited revisions.

  1. Money-Back Guarantee

When I pay someone to write my paper, I expect top-notch quality, an essay that’ll wow my professor. But, what happens if the writer delivers shoddy work? It’s important that the writer or site guarantees that they’ll refund the full amount in case things go south.


Not all essay writers out there are created the same. With these handy tips, you can hire the best writer to write my essay and garner an A.


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