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This research paper will compare and contrast Holism (Systems Thinking)versus Reductionism.  The research paper must be submitted using Safe Assign.The paper will be five pages: (a) Describe Holism – 2 pages, (b) DescribeReductionism – 2 pages, (c) Compare and contrast Holism versusReductionism – 1 page.APA format; Minimum of 4 professional/peer review references.  Note:Professional references refer to books and journals.  (Typical internetresources are not considered professional resources).  Below you will find Internet sites that mayassist you with your research.  Please note, these are not being professional references.Holism (Systems Thinking)Systems thinking commonly referred to as Holism argues that parts of a being can neverexist independently and as such are always interconnected to form the whole. Likewise, Peace(2000) explains that following the theory of holism, an individual part of a whole being cannotby itself be understood by it own without referring to the other parts. In this respect, the wholebeing usually explains to a great extent the individual components as opposed to the ability ofindividual parts being in a position to explain the whole. This notion is applicable in sociology,philosophy, and linguistics as well as science on a general perspective.


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