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This assignment is for you to learn how statistics is a part of every field in business and also a crucial part of our society. You will complete two article reviews. One MUST be an article from a peer-reviewed journal. The second article can be from any source but you must provide the article link so I may read the original article. Ideally, you will choose articles that are related to your major or an area of interest to you. I have had students review articles on sports, health, social media, parenting, marketing, economy, and the list goes on. There will be more details provided to you on Blackboard about this assignment; along with a sample. Make sure you CITE your article in the standard APA 6th edition format. References will be available to you on Blackboard. As a UWA student, you have access to the online library resources including access to journal articles. Please contact them if you need help or training on how to access these articles. The library number is located under Student Resources on Blackboard.**Three paragraphs: I am expecting about 1-2 pages, APA 6th edition format, 12 pt. Times New Roman, double spaced, include a REFERENCE or WORKS CITED section at the end of your review.1P) Summary of the article2P) Summary the statistics used3P) Did the statistics support their argument?(1) Attach your summary as a Word Document or PDF file. Make sure to summarize the statistics.(2) Attach your article as a Word Document or PDF file. OR Provide the link to the article in the assignment window.


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