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1. How would a person representing ethical egoismadvise Kevin in deciding on the right thing to do in the scenario below?Why would they advise as they do?A person that represents egoism, I would think they would advise Kevin to call the ambulance, compromising his friend’s education and scholarship. People that represent egotism are only concerned with what could potentially benefit them or what’s in the best interest of them.By not calling the ambulance Kevin wouldn’t benefit at all. If anything it would hurt him because if the university found out tha the didn’t report a potential life threating situation than he could get in big trouble. If Kevin decided to call the ambulance that would benefit him in a sense that he wouldn’t have guilt or weight on his shoulders as it pertains to Tom’s health. Also, he wouldn’t have to worry about the school’s official’s penalizing him for not reporting an incident.2. Next, indicate clearly what you think are the strength sand weaknesses in the ethical egoist’s advice to Kevin. Back up your position using our class readings. Do not use non-class provided sources to support your arguments!


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