• Question 1
  A _____ links computer resources using either a wired or wireless connection.
• Question 2
  _____ are files of related records organized according to logical systems and stored on computer-accessible media.
• Question 3
  By offering limited access of their intranets to select groups of people, firms create
• Question 4
  _____ e-commerce involves businesses buying and selling supplies, components, machinery, equipment, or services from other businesses.
• Question 5
  A _____ uses software and/or hardware to prevent unwanted access to a computer or computer system.
• Question 6
  The _____ requires senders of unsolicited commercial emails to label their messages as ads and to tell the recipients how to decline future messages.
• Question 7
  A(n) _____ is a network confined to sites on internal web servers and only available to individuals within an organization.
• Question 8
  The two broad categories of software are
• Question 9
  The Business Software Alliance estimated that the piracy rate in China was about
• Question 10
  Documents stored on the World Wide Web are written and linked together using
• Question 11
  _____ managers assume that employees dislike work, that motivation is best accomplished by threats and coercion, and that people prefer to be directed rather than use their own initiative.
• Question 12
  _____ proposes that perceptions of fairness directly impact worker motivation.
• Question 13
  _____ involves determining a structure for both individual jobs and the overall organization.
• Question 14
  A _____organization typically has a clear, simple chain of command from top to bottom.
• Question 15
  A _____ organization creates flexibility as it brings together specialists from different areas of the company to work temporarily on individual projects.
• Question 16
  First-line managers focus on _____ planning, applying plans to daily, weekly, and monthly operations.
• Question 17
  _____ means directing, inspiring, and motivating individuals to achieve organizational goals.
• Question 18
  _____ planning normally is performed by middle managers and typically has a one-year time frame.
• Question 19
  _____ means breaking workers into logical groups.
• Question 20
  _____ refers to the number of people a manager supervises.