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THIS IS A PROJECT THAT HAS TO BE SET UP LIKE YOU (THE PERSON THAT EXCEPTS THE ASSIGNMENT IS DOING AN EXPERIMENT NOT LIKE AN RESEARCH PAPER OF SOME ONE ELSES EXPERIMENTthe human behavior project requires you to study a human behavior and document the experience and see If there are any changes. Everything is outline within the attached file.Examples or something simple like the effect of holding something hot vs cold in your hand does that have an effect on your mood. If you want you can find and experiment someone did and use that to as the experiment to us for this paper. I assigned this to someone earlier and they got what I was looking for completely wrong .this was the response of the teacher to the project I submittedMr. Bess,In order to receive credit for the Human Observation Project you must carry out primary research. In other words, this is not a report of the research done by others. You must select a human behavior, predict, and then observe to see if your prediction is accurate.  You are then to attempt to change the behavior for the better or observe it in another environment.  Reporting the research of others will not be sufficient for credit.


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