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Project Proposal and OutlineThe written assignment this week is the Proposal and Outline for your Course Project.The project is a research essay in APA format that focuses on one of the topics below regarding current trends and future predictions.Once you have chosen your topic, you will need to do a little research on it to find the information useful for your final essay. Then, you will need to create a document that includes the following parts.Preliminary Thesis: A sentence stating the point about the topic that your essay will argue.Issue Summary: A one-paragraph review of the issue stating something about its history and describing the major controversies.Preliminary Essay Outline: A formal outline indicating what arguments will be used and their likely order in the paper.References List: A list of at least five potential sources for your subject in APA form.An example of a proposal is in Doc Sharing.Your submission should be about two to three pages, double-spaced.You Just finished writing one of my paper. From that paper that I have attached, can you write the proposal outline for all that you wrote.


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