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Question 1:What is art, and why do we need art? Explain why you think human beings are compelled to create art. Is the creation of art what makes us human? Do other creatures create art? In your response, discuss whether the historical context matters when considering a work of art, and whether this information helps you to understand how a piece of art is created and the way it looks.Question 2:Do you consider a beautifully made tool to be artwork? Is something utilitarian or functional automatically excluded from being art? Explain why you feel this way. Discuss how and why the acquisition of technology that allowed for bronze and iron usage changed aspects of tool making and artistic creations.Be sure to explain your ideas clearly and support them by discussing specific works of art that you have read about this week, talking about how they illustrate and support your ideas.Respond to both questions as thoroughly as possible, making sure to use information from the readings and the lectures. All responses should be in complete sentence form, using proper spelling and grammar.Show more 


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