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Question 1:Political power in the empires of the Near East was reflected in the architectural structures built over time and by various rulers. Discuss the types of buildings and construction methods that reveal this part of ancient history.Question 2:The palace complex at Knossos on the island of Crete was so huge that some who have viewed its ruins have said that it must have been a model for the labyrinth of mythology. Although the fact that the complex was added to many times was not unique, this particular palace complex did not seem to lose its fundamental beauty and architectural integrity because of these multiple additions. Discuss several of the factors that made this palace so exceptional architecturally, and describe the functions the palace complex was designed to serve.Be sure to explain your ideas clearly and support them by discussing specific works of art that you have read about this week, talking about how they illustrate and support your ideas.Respond to both questions as thoroughly as possible, making sure to use information from the readings and the lectures. All responses should be in complete sentence form, using proper spelling and grammar.Discussion question responses should be at least a one-half, double-spaced page in length.Show more 


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