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Part of learning, is the ability to assimilate information and explain it in your own words.  The goal of this assignment is for you to practice using your new vocabulary and knowledge of cancer.Part 1Ask a family member, close friend or relative for a cancer-related question that they would like answered.1. State your question at the top of the page.2. Answer in at least 3 paragraphs and you should include at least 2 sources you used to answer the question which you must paraphrase, that is read and rewrite in your own words.  Citations·         Do not make your entire body of text direct quotations from your reference(s).·         If you paraphrase, you still need to put an in-text citation next to it.·         If you are unsure if you are paraphrasing correctly, it may be best to use direct quotations.·         Citation style does not matter. Use the direct URL in your in-text citation and make sure the URL leads back to your source. If we can’t find what you are referencing it will not count.Use the following sites as a starting point to find credible information:  National Cancer Institute, The American Cancer Society, The PubMed Data base and Medline Plus.  Science Daily  Science NewsAny sign of plagiarism will be investigated and you will receive a zero for the assignment and you will be reported to the Academic Honesty Board.


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