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Introduction to American Court System Deliverable Length: 1-2 pagesView objectives for this assignment Go To: Assignment Details Learning Materials Reading Assignment My Work: Online Deliverables: Submissions Looking for tutoring?Go to Smarthinking Collapse All|Expand All Assignment Details Assignment Description The U.S. Supreme Court has granted lower courts the power to hear cases. This power is known as jurisdiction. You remain an investigator for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and you have a suspect that is in the neighboring state. The U.S. Attorney wants to arrest this person but believes in training his investigators, so he has asked you to research the topic of jurisdiction. Then, he wants you to write a paper of 1-2 pages that covers the following: Define the term subject matter jurisdiction and personal jurisdiction. (20%) What are the requirements of the personal jurisdiction in a federal court? (20%) Explain the 3 different types of personal jurisdiction, which you have learned from your reading, research, and lectures. The three types of personal jurisdiction are personal jurisdiction, in rem jurisdiction, and quasi in rem jurisdiction. Provide examples for each. (30%) The 2 types of cases that federal courts may hear are criminal cases and civil cases. Explain each type, and give an example or examples. (25%) Provide APA citations and references. (5%)


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