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It should provide a broad introduction to the topic and say why the topic is important. It should provide a sense of how you’re going to group the authors/organize your discussion of the various sub-topics. It should begin your discussion of some of the texts. There are only a handful of these workshopping days, and each one is a substantial portion of your final grade. DO NOT SKIP THEM. You will be assigned a group of classmates to work with. I will leave it up to you to decide if you will do so online or in person. You will have until Wednesday to provide feedback to your classmates. This is only the beginning of my Literature Review 1: In the end it will be 10-12 pages long but that will be for a later time. I have attached the description of the assignments along with all of the articles that need to be included. file:///C:/Users/makaylaj/Downloads/EscapefromtheWesternDietPollan%20(5).pdf file:///C:/Users/makaylaj/Downloads/Food%20as%20Thought%20Resisting%20the%20Moralization%20of%20Eating%20(3).pdf file:///C:/Users/makaylaj/Downloads/Fat%20is%20a%20feminist%20issu-2%20(4).pdf file:///C:/Users/makaylaj/Downloads/Having%20It%20His%20Way_The%20Construction%20of%20Masculinity%20in%20Fast-Food%20TV%20Advertising%20(2).pdf


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