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*First, you must review the Bunn piece on “How to Read” (–how-to-read.pdf)*Then, read and carefully annotate Anderson’s article “Just One More Game.” ( After that, upload your annotations here for credit. You will be assessed on your ability to apply some of the skills that Bunn mentions and the skills of deep reading that are covered in this unit. You will also be assessed on your ability to successfully upload an electronic document!*Remember, your notes should directly respond to the text. Do you agree or disagree with certain passages? Why or why not? You can also leave thoughtful questions in the margins to demonstrate your engagement with the text. Your notes should indicate that you are reading like a writer, not someone casually reading and only summarizing key points. I have attached a sample, which isn’t the best example of effective note-taking–however, I want everyone to have a clear idea of what you should and shouldn’t do as you take notes.*Things to AVOID:.Writing way too many notesHow do you annotate your article electronically?First, you should save the article in .pdf format. I have uploaded a .pdf version of the article (file:///C:/Users/Tieng/Documents/Anderson_AngryBirds.pdf).Once you have the .pdf saved, you can take notes on your article using some popular apps. I personally like TopNotes and Notability. Use whatever app or software you prefer. If you have Mac OS X, you can take notes using the ‘Preview’ application. If you’re on a PC, try taking notes using Adobe Reader–the highlight tool is great. Once you have made your annotations, re-save that file on your computer in .pdf format.Yes! If you don’t want to annotate electronically, print the article, annotate it by hand, and then scan it. After, you can upload it to your computer. Remember to save it as a .pdf on your computer–then submit it here.


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