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DescriptionRESEARCH PROJECT – FINAL RESEARCH PAPER INSTRUCTIONSAs the final assignment for this course, you will prepare a Final Research Paper. Throughout thecourse, you have written a Thesis Statement and an Annotated Outline. The Final Research Paperwill combine and expand upon those two assignments.The Final Research Paper must include the following elements:1. Title Page;2. Abstract;3. Body (including an Introduction, Body Paragraphs/Argument Section, and Conclusion); and4. Reference PageAll components of the Final Research Paper must be written using current APA formatting andmust be on the same criminal justice topic that you selected for your Thesis Statement andAnnotated Outline.The Final Research Paper must develop an argument that is highlighted in the thesis statementand supported with solid academic research and analysis. Each facet of the thesis statement mustbe addressed and analyzed throughout the paper.The title page must use proper formatting as set by the APA style guide. The abstract must bebetween 150–250 words and provide a clear summary of the paper.The body of the Final Research Paper must be comprised of 4–6 pages of content. The TitlePage, Abstract, and Reference Page are not included in the page count. The introduction mustinclude background information on the criminal justice topic, a well-written thesis statement, anda preview of points. The body must thoroughly support the assertions made in the thesisstatement with the use of analysis and comprehensively developed subpoints and academicresearch. Each paragraph must address one issue and directly relate it to the thesis. The bodymust also be well-organized and use properly formatted headings. Information must clearlyrelate to the main topic. The conclusion must summarize the main headings of the paper.The Reference Page must include at least 5 scholarly sources published within the last five years.The sources must be cited both in the body of the paper as well as in the Reference Page. Biblicalreferences do not count toward the citation requirement


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