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DescriptionJuvenile Justice Term PaperTerm Paper: The final assessment of this course is a research paper, meaning there is no final exam. Forthe paper, you must select a current practice or policy that impacts the lives of juveniles. You mustresearch and critically examine your selected policy, including the desired goals and the effectiveness ofmeeting said goals. Topics must be approved by September 21 st. Instructions for this paper will beprovided to you after the start of class. The paper is due on December 8th th on the last day of class. It isworth 150 points. MY TOPIC IS COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPYWith your topic in hand, your task is to research and write a review of the literature related to yourtopic. In this regard, the library databases and Google Scholar will be instrumental. The information youdraw on for this assignment should generally be scholarly in nature, such as journal articles are bookspublished by academics. In general, websites, blogs, and newspaper articles will not suffice as the solesource of information. However, these sources may be used to complement the scientific literaturewhen appropriate.Paper Requirements:The paper should be between 8-10 pages in length.All papers must be typed and submitted electronically or in hard copy.For consistency, please adhere to the Times New Roman font, double spaced, 12 point font size, and 1” margins all around. Please include a title page. Any blank space, especially on the first page, will not count toward the page count. A bibliography or reference list must be included. I recommend using APA format, however, theonly requirement is that regardless of whichever format is used it is used consistently throughoutthe paper.Refer to the syllabus for examples of plagiarism. Any paper that includesplagiarized material will be given a zero, meaning you will likely fail this course, and dealt withthrough the appropriate university channels.Failure to meet any of the above requirements will result in the loss of points. Further, the ability toeffectively convey information and ideas is based on the quality of the writing. It is unlikely that a poorlywritten paper will earn full credit due to the inherent limitations of such writing. This includes usingincorrect grammar/spelling, writing fragmentary sentences, or using appropriate sentence structure.More important than the page count, is the quality of the research. Writing nonsense or unrelatedinformation simply to fulfill the page requirement will do more harm than good.I will gladly read drafts and provide feedback in order to help you write a better paper. If you wouldlike to submit a draft please do so before November 7th


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