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This assignment is based on Keurig Green Mountain with a possible location in the UK.  The companycurrently has a presence in North America only.I.a. Potential Barriers and Opportunities: Identify any potential barriers and opportunities that yousee that may be a result of multinational expansion. What causes these—language, religion,education, values, political, technological capabilities, other factors? What are some of theopportunities associated with expanding the company into the UK?b. Plans for Overcoming Barriers: After examining the potential barriers and opportunities, it isimportant to do a cost-benefit analysis. Is it worth expanding to the UK? What potentialstrategies will you need to employ? How might Hofstede’s dimensions of culture help youidentify some of the differences and how these potential differences might be overcome?II. Marketing Plan: Follow the guidelines below to develop effective language and targetedmessaging appropriate to the campaign.a. Describe the importance of understanding culture in global business dealingsb. Apply knowledge to determine the best strategies of expansion in global firmsc. Examine different strategies that can be employed when dealing with human resourcemanagement (HRM) in a foreign divisiond. Discuss relationships between various multinational strategies and types of organizationalstructure


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