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So far, we have established a foundation of what a law enforcement executive does. BUt now, you are going to find some real word examples of the way executives have responded. First, do some web searches for chief jobs and famous chiefs, like Bratton from NYPD as a successful chief, and Garry F. McCarthy from Chicago as a less successful chief, and look at the issues they have addressed. Read the articles and see whose quotes are included in the article and look at any online comments. Also, look to our class reading assignments as well. Second, pick at least TWO issues (you must do more than two for maximum points) addressed by the chief during their tenure. Describe the issue and identify all the stake holders. Then identify the stake holder’s take on the issues. Lastly, describe how the Chief made the decision and what the decision was. Were certain stakeholders’ viewpoints ignored? Why or why not? Then state whether you agree with the decision or not. If you agree, state why and support your position with the facts. If you disagree, state why you and describe how you would have resolved the situation. Your response to this post should be fairly long. It should not be just a few short paragraphs. Please do as followed. Thank you.


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