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Citation 8 — “Lexical Decision”1. APA-style reference for the article2. Goal of article: State the research questions and/or hypotheses being investigated (What arethey trying to do?) (Four sentences to one paragraph)3. List three (3) cognitive psychology terms important for the topic of the article, find theirdefinitions or descriptions in any CogPsy textbook (give reference) and provide them here: Describe ALL the dependent variables for the designated experiment:a. Provide an operational definitionb. Name the units it was measured in5. Describe ALL the independent variables for the designated experiment:c. Name each variabled. List its levelse. State the statistical test(s) that was/were used to analyze the dataf. If there are more than one independent variable, state the factorial design6. Describe how the experiment was conducted, i.e., what was the procedure: (4-6 sentences)7. Identify all the main effects and interactions (if the design is factorial). Make sure you statethe main effect for EACH independent variable you named in (5):a. Provide the statistical statement (t- or F-statement)b. Explain each statement in plain English8. Steps or conclusions suggested by the article (One paragraph):a. How is each research question listed in (4) answered?b. What do the data mean?9. Using your knowledge of semantic networks, how could you set up a lexical decision task inorder to find out if “sheep” is more or less related to “lamb” compared to “wool”? (One-twoparagraphs).10. Create a design (IVs, DV, materials) of a hypothetical experiment to test the structure ofthat part of the mental lexicon that represents the words “vehicle”, “park’, and “diesel” anddescribe what you predict the results will look like. Use the findings in the article for youpredcitions. (One-two paragraphs).


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