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Imagine a future in which human beings have achieved environmental sustainability on a global scale.  You will be describing what a sustainable Earth will look like in the future, providing examples throughout to support your descriptions.  You will be including all the terms that you have researched during Week 1 through Week 4 which are…. Endangered Species Act, Soil Erosion, Ground Water Pollution, Methane…. Underlining each term as you include it.  In your paper, use grammar and spell-checking programs to insure clarity.  Proofread carefully …Your paper will consist of seven paragraphs:  an introduction, a conclusion, and one paragraph relating to each week’s topic.  In your paper, use this format to address the following elements with the assumption that environmental sustainabiltiy has been acheived.Introduction:  Describe how our relationship to nature will be different from what is at present.  Examine how we will cope differently with the ways that natural phenomena affect our lives.Week 1:  Describe what Earth’s biodiversity and ecosystems will look like.Week2.  Examine how agricultural production will be different in the future.Week 3:  Differentiate between how we will manage our water resources in the future comapred to how we do so right now.Week 4:  Examine how we meet our energy need in the future in a way that will enable us to maintain a habitable atmosphere and climate.Week 5:  Describe how waste management will be different in the future.Conclusion:  Summarize some of the major social, economic, political and ecological choices and tradeoffs that will need to be overcome for this sustainable future to arrive.Must be 7 paragraphs in length not including title and reference pages and formatted APA styleMust incorporate all four of your previously terms.Can include, as an option, a separate references list that is formatted according to APA style


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