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MY qualitative research report analysis requires an in-depth analysis of the following questions WHEN WRITING MY PAPER Is the problem clearly stated and is significant to nursing or health care? Is the purpose clearly stated? Is the research question stated broadly enough for a qualitative study? Is the study design consistent with its qualitative approach? Are the subjects obtained using a method consistent with the qualitative methodology? Is the setting appropriate for the study? Are the data collection methods consistent with the purpose of the qualitative approach? Are the rights of human subjects protected? Is evidence of data saturation provided? .Are the data analysis procedures appropriate for the type of data collected and the qualitative method? .Is there sufficient evidence of scientific rigor? Are the conclusions and implications appropriate and clearly stated? Are suggestions for future research included? University of Phoenix incremental format for APA and mechanics of the paper must be consistent with graduate school requirements. No more than 10% of the paper can be quoted. This is your analysis of what the authors said—not a restatement of the article. In-depth analysis includes the discussion of your decisions about each or these specific topics. It is an explanation based on what you can find from available resources. If an item is not clear or not correct in your opinion, state why you think that with research justification for that decision. If you think an item is clear, the same justification is needed to substantiate what you say.


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