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The Course Project will consist of three tasks, each worth 50 points due in Weeks 2, 4, and 6. Successful completion of the iLabs will help you in completing the project tasks.Week 6: Task 3: Database Construction Using MySQL (50 Points)NOTE: MySQL is required for this project. Please ensure you can run MySQL via Omnymbus.PROJECT OVERVIEW:In this assignment, you will create and populate a MySQL database based on the ERD you created in task2. Update the ERD you submitted for task2 with the corrections required by your instructor. To help you with this task, your instructor will provide you with the data dictionary of the database. This will provide you information on every table that you must create for the ABC Company database. Every entity can be found listed in the data dictionary along with the PK/FK information as well as the data types for the attributes.  These data types are MySQL data types so they can go directly in the create table statements. Using the corrected ERD and the data dictionary provided, write the necessary MySQL statements to create the ABC company database. To complete this assignment, you will need to be able to run MySQL via Omnymbus.DeliverablesSTEP 1Revise the ERD you submitted for the previous task with the feedback provided by your instructor and the help of the given data dictionary document.


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