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read the descriptions and answer the following cultural questions1.How did the differences between Japan’s and the United States’ national cultural values affect communication between Norio and Michael? Use the reference material from “National Cultural Values” and “Hofstede’s Model: Definitions” to support your answers.2.What information should Michael have possessed before meeting with Norio?3.Why is Norio acting somewhat evasive with his responses? What is Norio hinting [when he mentions that Roger likes sushi]?4.What could Michael have done better in the second meeting to continue the business relationship?5.How can business communicators effectively learn more about different cultures? Should business communicators memorize isolated facts (e.g., a culture’s typical greeting or attitude toward punctuality) or try to create a more holistic picture?6.Besides broad cultural values and differences, what other main factors often vary between cultures and may have influenced the interaction between Michael and Norio?7.Despite their many differences, do Michael and Norio share some common goals? If so, what are these goals and how might Michael have used some persuasive communication techniques to emphasize these shared goals?8.What can business communicators do to enhance their cross-cultural communication skills?


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