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Assignment 2: NormalizationThe assignment instructions are attached.What you may not do to complete this assignment:Download Attachment: Assignment 2 Instructions.docxThe paper will be submitted to plagiarism checking software by myself first, and then the teacher upon submission. I will not accept copied work that looks like work altered to pass a plagiarism check either and I know how to check for it and report it.I NEED SOMEONE WHO IS GOING TO ACTUALLY RESEARCH AND WRITE (WITH GOOD ENGLISH GRAMMAR) THE PAPER THEMSELVES WITHOUT COPYING!!PLEASE!! DO NOT ACCEPT IF YOU CANNOT WRITE IN GOOD ENGLISH! NO OFFENSE TO THE FOREIGNERS WORKING HERE BUT i GET TOO MANY ASSIGNMENTS BACK IN BAD ENGLISH……I WILL REPORT IT TO MODERATOR AND GET A REFUND FOR PLAGIARISM OR BAD WRITING SKILLS, NO TOLERANCE! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!


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