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Ousmane Sembène’s ‘Black Girl’ Turns 50By A. O. SCOTT MAY 17, 2016The Senegalese director Ousmane Sembène, habitually described as the father ofAfrican cinema, was a lifelong critic of patriarchy. An avowedly political artist — hehad been a labor organizer and a novelist before turning to filmmaking — Mr.Sembène grounded his attacks on colonial oppression and post-independencecorruption and compromise in a feminism that could be both subtle and blunt.“When women progress, society progresses,” he remarked late in his career —he died in 2007 — and the suffering and stoicism of women figure in all phases of hiswork. His penultimate feature, “Faat-Kiné” (2001), is the portrait of a defiantlyindependent entrepreneur in Dakar, Senegal, a single mother who refuses themelodramatic options of pity or shame that would have been her conventionalcinematic fate. Mr. Sembène’s final movie, the indelible “Moolaadé” (2004),followed a group of women in a rural village organizing to stop the traditionalpractice of genital cutting. The empathy and the radicalism that animate those filmswere present much earlier, in “Black Girl,” his first feature, which begins a weeklongrun at BAM Rose Cinemas on Wednesday before its release on DVD by Criterion.


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