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P1: Social media is accessed through an electronic device P2: An individual on an electronic device is distracting to that person when they are engaging in interaction with another individual or people P3: Being distracted means that a person does not have another individual’s or people’s full attention P4: If the individual or group does not have the distracted person’s full attention then it is hindering their interpersonal relationship with one another C: Therefore, social media hinders interpersonal relationships The counterargument I made was this: P1: Social media is readily accessible and makes it easier to connect with friends, family, and groups of people P2: Individuals are able to interact from all over the world to talk and video chat each other P3: Individuals are able to connect with large groups of people making it easier if there is an emergency or information that is important for people to know. P4: Social media provides a way for businesses to market their services and/or products and interact with customers. C: Therefore, social media enhances interpersonal relationships This was my feedback from my teacher on my counterargument: all of this could be true and the conclusion still false. Either the argument is invalid or you are attempting an inductive inference. if inductive, focus on ways to make the inference stronger. So basically I need help in making sure my initial argument is strong and I need help in forming a strong counterargument/objection. Also with the counterargument, i need help in ideas on how to rebuttal the presented objection.


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