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Task:Please use the forum topic opened and discuss the following:TOPIC: FAMILYEXERCISE 2Please select any Child’s Toy store and for one hour observe parents and their children behaviour.1. Observe the interactions between parents and children in a toy store of your choice and watch severalinteractions between a parent and child. Observe how the children expressed their preferences, and how parentsresponded, including the number who purchased the child’s choice.2. How old (more or less) were the children?Requirements:Font type: Times New RomanFont size: 12Double line spacingAcademic writing Harvard styleNumber of words : 600When you express string statements try to have a supporting reference so we know it is not justyour opinionMake sure any web links used have a declared Accessed Date to be compliant with the HarvardReferencing StandardMake sure you have the full bibliographic details for each reference used.Some times when looking at differences it can be useful to create a table and put them side byside with a further column for comments, this allows the word count to be reduced.


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