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 Description: Your client asks you to develop a print advertisement using a celebrity. The celebrity and ad appeal must be appropriate to the brand, product, and target segment. The ad will run in a magazine. To receive full credit, please closely follow the directions below: 1. SELECT a brand, product, celebrity endorser, and ad appeal (e.g. what the ad “says”). Think ad concept should be appropriate to the targeted consumer segment. 2. RESEARCH what has been done before using a Google search.  3. SKETCH several concepts on 8.5×11 paper. It’s easier to quickly sketch out ideas on paper, instead of “designing on the fly” in Photoshop. 3. GATHER images and materials that you will need to piece together into an advertisement. You may use your own images or Google Image Search, but if you pull Google images, make sure they are high-quality. Save these images to your hard drive. 4. DESIGN THE AD. Open a new document, which will be your working document. Consider the print dimensions and technical specifications that you need to work at. This ad will run in a 8.5 x 11” magazine. Piece together your montage using the procedures learned in class. The new ad should contain multiple layers and be saved as a .PSD file. Do not merge your layers. 5. REPORT. In a paragraph, summarize the ad concept. Discuss why the celebrity endorser and appeal are appropriate to the brand/product and target segment.


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