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DescriptionThere are four (4) questions and the maximum point values are included with each question.The recommended length for the final exam is 10 – 15 doubled spaced pages excluding diagrams,illustrations or other addendum. The use of APA formatting is required for any in-text citations andreference list. Each response is to immediately follow the question as follows:1. Tasking A — approximately 600 – 1000 words (2 – 4 pages) excluding diagrams, illustrations or otheraddendum.2. Tasking B — approximately 600 – 800 words (2 – 3 pages) excluding diagrams, illustrations or otheraddendum.3. Tasking C — approximately 600 – 800 words (2 – 3 pages) excluding diagrams, illustrations or otheraddendum.4. Tasking D — approximately 600 – 800 words (2 – 3 pages) excluding diagrams, illustrations or otheraddendum.________________________________________________________________ScenarioYou are the lead forensics investigator for XYZ, Inc. — an industry leading cyber forensic company. Youhave just been notified that a top 5 health care company (HCC Partners in Life) has hired your companyto investigate a potential breach of their medical records system.The HCC Security Operations Center (SOC) identified some “inconsistencies” in the intrusion detectionsystem (IDS) logs that caused the reliability to be questioned. HCC uses Snort IDS’ running on Linuxsystems. In addition, the lead HCC database administrator received a strange e-mail from HumanResources (HR), which contained a benefits attachment. When she opened the attachment, thedocument was blank. She noticed that her system has been acting “strangely” after opening theattachment. She operates a Microsoft Windows XP workstation.Your team has been tasked with analyzing the HCC network, database server, and any workstations yoususpect to determine if there was a breach and any potential patient data leakage. The database server isa Microsoft Windows 2003 Server running Microsoft SQL Server 2008.If there is any evidence of a breach, HHC has a history of taking these types of incidents to court forprosecution to the full extent of the law.


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