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Please answer three questions: (Please use your own words and avoid plagiarism view portions of, “A day on the Grand Canal with the Emperor of China, or Surface is Illusion but so is Depth” (Hoss, 1988). Answer both questions. Please reference readings, lectures, and viewing materials: Can how we see the world determine how we live and behave in it? Why or why not? Consider what you have read about the elements of the screen, the mise-en-scene and the bits and pieces from Hockney’s film, especially his thesis: how we see the world affects how we act in it. In this respect, how might a story or narrative be understood visually? Answer One (1) of the following questions. Reference readings, lectures, and viewing materials: How does the history of Asian Americans shape how we view Asian women throughout the 20th Century and even presently? OR As a more specific continuation from the questions in Lesson 1 about seeing and behaving, do current media images of Asian women affect how Asian American women see themselves and do the images also affect how we, as people in the same US culture, see Asian and/or Asian American women? Answer One (1) of the following questions. Reference readings, lectures, and viewing materials. How do the current and/or historical representations of Asian and Asian American men in US film and media affect how we understand Masculinity? OR In the essay by Stam and Shohat, “The Imperial Imaginary,” they give a cinematic history of European and later US imperialism as they have been expressed and transmitted onto celluloid for the European and US mass public. In your opinion, can we see contemporary discourses of US imperialism in more recent films? Are these discourses similar to or different from the ones presented by Stam and Shohat?


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