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Reflective EssayHector J PantojaUniversity of Maryland University CollegeRUNNING HEAD: REFLECTIVE ESSAY 2I began WRTG 101 with a high school knowledge of grammar and punctuation. I feelnow, that I am at a level that will help me excel in future classes as well as assists other studentsin their quest of knowledge.I believe most of the information I have learned it was based on the tools and resourcesavailable to me. Utilizing the UMUC library was one of the most effective ways for me to learnabout scholarly journals, abstracts, and defined searches for research papers. For each writingassignment, using the UMUC library vice using an online search engine produced far moreresults for scholarly journals, which helped me complete each paper successfully. Other tools Iused were from the weekly discussions and feedback. Listening to others comment on mydiscussion topics actually helped the reshape the bodies of my writing assignments. I know nowhow to take positive and negative comments and make my writing as a stronger.One of the most interesting things I have learned in WRTG 101 was the utilization ofAPA style. Prior to the class it was something I never knew about, but now I have learned agreat deal and know how to utilize APA style without having to look back at references. I haveseen APA style before but never knew what it was, thanks to this class I am able to identify otherworks in APA style. In APA style, the references took me a while to properly document due tothe outline and grammatical changes such as italicized words and commas but thanks to thisclass, I found a great way to make sure my references were properly documented.I have not taken writing classes since high school, which for me is nine years ago. Nowthat I am taking this class, I can see and correct many of the grammatical mistakes I have madeRUNNING HEAD: REFLECTIVE ESSAY 3over the years. Some examples would be when to use whom vise who, and when to use which orthat. The COMFit application online is a tool I found that helped me immensely with the aboveexamples. Not only did it allow me to learn new things about writing skills, but also I was ableto correct many things I believed to be grammatically right. I am to a level where I believe I caneducate other people on college level writing skills.When starting this class, I believed that most of the things I would be doing would bemostly textbook citing. With today’s technology, I realized that utilizing the Internet forreferences, footnotes, and other information is more of a primary source than utilizing anencyclopedia or other books. I also learn that you cannot use everything you see online. Withsome papers requiring you not to utilize blogs, and other opinionated works, it became veryimportant for me to know how to use the UMUC library to search scholarly journals asreferences. The concept to Essay three was research, information from other author with thesame topic as mine and combining my thoughts with the other sources. The activities that I didbefore writing this essay was almost the same as I did with the first two essays’. I free wrotethen researched many articles, the only thing different was that I was required to choose sixsources. Aside from the problems, I had with essay one and two, new obstacles have risen, likehaving to take the information from sources and combining them onto one coherent paper. Thechallenge to combine the information was difficult, but was not impossible. I compare all of thiswork to doing college courses 30 years ago, where a student would have to go to a library to findadequate information to support his or her thesis statement.


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