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Requred Information: Shadee Corp. expects to sell 590 sun visors in May and 410 in June. Each visor sells for $28. Shadee’s beginning and ending finished goods inventories for May are 85 and 55 units, respectively. Ending finished goods inventory for June will be 70 units.Each visor requires a total of $4.50 in direct materials that includes an adjustable closure that the company purchases from a supplier at a cost of $2.00 each. Shadee wants to have 26 closures on hand on May 1, 21 closures on May 31, and 25 closures on June 30 and variable manufacturing overhead is $2.50 per unit produced. Suppose that each visor takes 0.90 direct labor hours to produce and Shadee pays its workers $11 per hour.Additional information:Required:Complete Shadee’s budgeted income statement for the months of May and June.(Do not round your intermediate calculations. Round your answers to 2 decimal places.)Budgeted Sales =Budgeted Cost of Good Sold =Budgeted Goss Margin =Budgeted Selling and Administrative Expenses =Budgeted Net Operating Income =Show more 


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