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Individual Essay PaperPlease create a brief three page double spaced paper describing some of your strengths, career andpersonal career related goals (three to five year plan). In your paper, please make sure that you coverthe following:Your Name and Identification on Cover Page. On the cover page of your essay, include your nameand the type of work you do and geographical area in which you live. Statement: “Submitted in PartialFulfillment of MAN 6245”, Date (The cover page does not count as one of the three pages of thereport). A personal picture would also help.Personal Principles and Values: It is said that personal principles may cause one pain, but if notfollowed one’s sense of integrity may be eroded. What personal principles do you hold that you mustlive by? Review key principles or values that are important to you and that drive you in life. “Whatvalues do you want to demonstrate as you interact with others through your work and at home?” “Towhat extent is there congruence in the work that you do and the principles you hold to be important?”You need not answer each of these questions, but they may trigger a reflection on your core principlesand values and how they may guide you as you go forward in your career.Social Background. Key facts about your early role models and socialization experiences, and socialstatus, and biases that have had a significant impact on what you have chosen to become. How mightthese influences affect your career aspirations?Strengths Assessment: Provide an overview of your personal strengths as revealed per information generatedby the Work Preference Indicator (taken during the Orientation to the CMBA program), and the StrengthsFinder, plus at least one other assessment tools identified in Weeks #1 and #2, such as the Big Five Assessmentand the MBTI you may have taken prior to this course or the like, as well as any others you view to be relevant.Note: Your paper should include direct feedback from the Work Preference Indicator and the StrengthsFinder assessments plus at least one other assessment you choose to include. Should you wish to learn moreabout yourself you are encouraged to go to the following URL (at no cost) to identify your RIASEC and MBTIclassifications:RIASEC: :MBTI: Big Five: those who are project leaders, team leaders, supervisors or managers, you are also invited to takethe Leadership Effectiveness Assessment (LEA), a 3600assessment offered to those interested by the


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