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Review case as well as the video above. This case study takes a brief look at change management at Southern Company. Many companies go through change management with great success and many end up in failure. Your job is to research, finding at least one successful company and one not so, discussing lessons learned by both installations. Note, one video has been provided here, there are many more on youtube. There are also a number of articles you can find via additional research. Also note that you may have more than one success and/or failure but you need at least one of each. present an essay and respond to all case study questions. CASE STUDY IMPLEMENTING ENTERPRISE CHANGE MANAGEMENT AT SOUTHERN COMPANY Atlanta-based Southern Company, a leading utility provider in the southeast United States, is valued by its 4.4 electricity customers for its excellent service, and it ranks as Fortune magazine’s “most admired” company in its industry. That means quality is important in everything the company does. When David Traynor, business excellence manager at the company, was charged with implementing a new enterprise change management (ECM) site, he knew its key users, employees in the IT department, would scrutinize the new system and be very critical if anything didn’t work exactly as it should.


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