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OU HAVE TO USE Riverbed Modeler Academic Edition 17.5!!!!INITIALS-  SSStart Case Study 2.pdf – LAN modeling and follow the instruction to create the following:•Scenarios:o To model an east coast company’s WANo The company has offices in Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston, which are connected to the central network in Washington, D.C. The offices use phone lines to connect to each other, and are therefore susceptible to delays caused by additional, unrelated traffic on the lines.• Build and test “what-??if” scenarios to ensure how the background traffic is affecting FTP traffic on their networkThe report should incorporate the following sections:1. Description of network model including scenario diagram:a. Type of physical and logical topology-?? Explain why this case study chosenthis designb. Type of connection-?? Explain your answer c. Type of devices-?? Explain your answer2. Description of each scenario in details including the justification (reasons) for design and choice of performance parameters.3. Investigation and analysis of results of the simulation study including graphs.4. Base on the results; recommend your choice of consideration to improve the network model.5. A conclusion, which is evaluative and reflective.SCREENSHOTS NEEDED.DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LONG PARAGRAPHS. 2-4 SENTENCES EACH.just to be sure do you have Riverbed Modeler Academic Edition 17.5?


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