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screen Theory of the 1970s through to 1990s was often concerned with so-called ‘identity-politics’, addressed through two main questions: i) how were certain marginalized groups in society typically represented in film and/or TV? [stereotypical outsider representations] and ii) how could they make films or TV that represented themselves in a more accurate or favorable way in order to help improve their position in society? [insider activist representations] Choose LGBT groups as the identity group, read articles about it, and make notes about their major points. Choose Modern Family(American TV mockumentary)as the representation of LGBT groups on screen. Watch at least one episode and make detailed notes about its content, attitudes and style, and how these are conveyed through film making techniques. Use your notes to write a 2000 word essay(approx.) about how the insider activist representation seeks to produce a more accurate or favourable impression of your chosen group compared to stereotypical outsider representations. At least two paragraphs showing you understand the background and theory in relation to the kind of identity politics you have chosen to discuss?gay rights movement?. A paragraph on who made the film/TV text you are using(Modern Family) and what social/industrial context it was made in, for what kind of audience. A brief paragraph on the story the Film/TV programme(Modern Family) tells.


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