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Should we always obey the law, or can breaking the law be justified at times? Write a blog post answering this question from your own point of view. Your post must meet the following requirements: Take a firm position. Give specific reasons and arguments for your position. Provide real examples and/or hypothetical scenarios to support your reasoning. Anticipate what critics of your position would say, and respond to their criticisms. Write at least 700 words with no quotations. This requirement is just a minimum. Do not feel obligated to stop writing once you reach 700 words. In my experience, high-quality posts generally have 1,000 words or more. Remember: no quotations. I want your own thoughts and analysis, not what someone else has said. Do not use a file attachment for your post. The text of your post must be visible in the blog without clicking any link. If I have to click a file attachment to read what you have written, I will deduct five (5) points from your score. It’s still a good idea to draft your post in Microsoft Word,which will enable you to track the word count and save your work for revisions. But when it comes time to finally post your work, you must copy the text from your Word document and paste it into your blog entry.


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