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I need help right a way on this sociology paper, I wrote this paper on inequality for all a documentary by robert reich, my professor wrote me that I need to change this paper as he calls that I wrote a review of the documentary, I do not know what he wants from me, below are his instructions. It is due in less than 15 hrs. In attachment you can see the paper I wrote, he also said, that he wants to have it single spaced now.Mail – Gray Family – Outlook Download Attachment: sociolgy Inequality for all paper one.docxHi,These are the instruction and guidelines which I provided to my students to help them in presenting a sociological analysis of the documentary “Inequality for All”. Your paper resembles a review of the documentary and lacks adequate application of relevant sociological concepts and theories. You may choose to revise your paper and apply the required concepts and theories; or, you may do a sociological analysis of the documentary which we watched in class. In either case, please let me know of your decision.Best, Dr. Amini“Here’s how I would approach the paper on “Inequality for All” documentary. The film lends itself rather well to a straight-forward application of functionalism and conflict perspectives to the question of inequality. I would use the content of the documentary as a back-drop to my analysis of the key questions, which were brought up in the documentary: Is inequality necessary and desirable; or, is it harmful to the well-being of society in general? Support your arguments by using functionalism and conflict theories. Additionally, I would highlight the prominence of the dominant culture/ruling elites in determining “who gets why and why?”. I would also raise the issue of “social placement” and “ascription” as a major factor in determining the present and future opportunities for the individual members of society. 


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