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Specific Purpose: I want my audience to: Understand everyone has different aspects oftheir life and why people make choicesAttention Getter will be: Using hand gesturesPreview (thesis) Statement Everyone is going to be different, depending on how thereculture is. Understanding people are not all the same and accept one another.I. Main Point #1 In the media today people view certain cultures as lesser or dangerous.However we are all people and a few bad apples do not make them all bad.II. Main Point #2 Understanding where people come from and why they do things willhelp with the understanding. If you were rose in that society you would better understand.III. Main Point #3 Going into a few different cultures that are misunderstood.Visual Aid planning Printing out a few visuals of items used due to culture.Instructor Comments:_____Proposal approved, proceed with your research _____Topic too broad, refine!_____Proposal Disapproved—Let’s meet to discuss.


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