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Sport Sociology Movie Review Outside Assignment #2, 1 point deducted for each week late If you use your sociological knowledge and apply it to any form of art, you will often find many sociological aspects in the arts narrative form regarding the issues of class, gender, race, ethnicity, sex, disability, masculinity/femininity and character building. For this assignment, a 4-5 page paper should focus on sociological issues that are raised by the film you are reporting on. In addition, each of the theories will have application in the sociological perspective of the film you choose to review. You should provide examples from the movie of how socio-structural issues play out in sport including occupational conditions, money, power, status, hierarchy, inequality, religion, politics and social norms in sport and recreation. Part I (Typed) Overview of the content of the film/book. Describe the major focus or plot. Who are the main characters’, include their characteristics. What Sociological issues are present? You should be able to come up with a least 4 sociological issues in any of the films listed. Describe the sociological issues as they are presented in the context of the film/book. How are the sociological issues you listed above related to sport in the movie and the real world? Why are the issues important enough to be highlighted in the film/book? What theories that we discuss in class are relevant to the film/book? Explain. If there is a particular problem that is dealt with (i.e. racism, discrimination) describes how you would go about solving it today. Part II-( Handwritten or typed) Notes that you have while watching the movie, which means a written account scene by scene. This is to prove you have watched the movie. This must be included!!! Remember The Titans is the film i chose PART 2 IS IMPORTANT


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