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The assignment is to create a Team Paper- Manual- AgendaPlease do this likeFor this assignment, complete the following:Grammar, SpellingSamples and other requirements will be given is word document. Kindly check the word document attached.Activity InstructionsIdentify a name for a fictitious business with a minimum of 75 employees.Consider the geographic location, departments, organizational structure, facilities, etc.Next, complete the three broad tasks as they relate to your company.You can check the examples of HRM issues in the word document file which I have attached.Tips for preparing your paper and manualWhen writing policies and procedures, it is important to use clear and concise sentences to convey the expectations of the organization.For the employee manual, refer to the suggested outline, but feel free to add or change topics as they fit into the scope of your policies and procedures. The outline is a suggestion. You may review examples of employee manuals, but do not plagiarize.Appendices are optional)All items are to be single-space report style.It is preferred that all three documents are merged into one document with a cover page and table of contents showing page numbers.Writing Requirements (Modified APA format)3-4 pages (approx. 600 words per page), not including title page or references page1-inch margins / Single spaced / 12-point Times New Roman fontReferences page (minimum of 5 resources)Please do check the word document which I have attached with the question for the Sample Outline for Employee Manual and Agenda Template – Staff Development WorkshopGrading Rubric


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