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The comparison of RUP and agile methodologies

This paper seeks to provide key comparative aspects of RUP and Agile methodologies applied in project management. The comparative analysis of the methodologies is to foster understanding of their role in ensuring effective realization of the set objectives of various projects and systematic implementation of the projects within stipulated stages. The information will help stakeholders including policy makers to develop informed decisions when undertaking key projects.

Indeed, RUP and Agile are two renowned and common project management methodologies whose adoption is increasingly gaining momentum in most jurisdictions (Larman, 2004). The increasing use of the techniques is attributable to the performance incentives that they present including the synergies they inject in various projects. According to Kroll & Kruchten (2005), the synergies and incentives that entail structural and non-structural elements contribute in the realization of quality results including timely achievement of the set objectives at manageable costs. In particular, Agile methodology helps in defining a system of techniques that are appropriate in minimizing the cost of change at the initial stages of the project or at a time when essential facts emerge later when the project is in final stages or is nearing completion. Agile method is also used to control cost of operation, speed of service delivery, promote teamwork, accountability, and financial management (Ambler, 2002). This help in ensuring optimal and effective utilization of resources towards the achievement of satisfactory results.

On the other hand, RUP is a configurable software that uses object technology in developing critical mission software in diverse companies or projects. The use of the technique is vital as it allows project handlers or managers to define reputable processes for achieving quality. The processes are designed to foster real time satisfaction of customer needs (Roebuck, 2011). It equips institutions with requisite incentives that enable them to be deliver maximum, tangible, and valuable services within the projects cost boundaries. The two methodologies help in the organization of workflow, communication, designing of superior production processes, and phases. They also facilitate systematic execution of activities at every level of a project’s life cycle.

The comparative analysis of the two methodologies is presented to identify the vital contribution and significance of each technique in the process of project execution. This is imperative since effective execution of projects requires proper resource management, application of diverse software’s, effective time management, communication, and systematic execution of defined tasks. To achieve success, iterative ways, or approaches of project development with the ability to impact change is mandatory (S-BPM, In Nanopoulos & in Schmidt, 2014). The approaches are essential given that projects are characterized with varied changes that require preparedness and proper planning.

Study objective

To evaluate the comparative aspects of RUP and Agile methodologies of project management.


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