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After reading this entire Supreme Court decision, answer the questions below:Note: You responses must be typed. Cut and paste these questions and type the answer following the relevant question.(Be sure to number your answers.)1. The case is subtitled ON WRIT OF CERTIORARI TO THE SUPREME COURT OF VIRGINIA  What is the meaning of “certiorari.”2. Who wrote the opinion? Who joined him or her? Who dissented?3. In your own words, give a three or four sentence summary of the underlying facts of this case. Include the following:-What exactly was the defendant seeking?-For whom did the the trial court rule? The Appeals Court of Virginia? The Supreme Court of Virginia?4. How did the federal U.S. Supreme Court get jurisdiction?5. The court focuses on the 4th Amendment. Why?6. On page 4 the Court cites Carroll v. United States, 267 U. S. 132 (1925). What is the relevance of this opinion?7. The Court refers to “Black Letter Law.” What is that?8. The Court of page 5 discusses the home and the “curtilage.” How is that different than the automobile when it comes to searches?9. Is a home’s driveway the same thing as its curtilage? What did the Court say? Why did it matter where the motorcycle was parked?10. On page 7 the Court includes a discussion about a motorcycle parked in a living room, What was this relevant?11. The Court addressed the “plain view” exception on page 8. How did that go?12. On page 11 the Court addresses Scher v. United States, 305 U. S. 251 (1938). What happened in that case and why is it relevant?13. The court on page 14 cites United States v. Ross, 456 U. S. 798, 822 (1982) (“[T]he most frail cottage in the kingdom is absolutely entitled to the same guarantees of privacy as the most majestic mansion”). Why is this relevant?14. Justice Thomas wrote a concurring opinion. What is a “concurring” opinion? And in your own words, what point was he making?15. Justice Alito wrote a dissenting opinion. In your own words, in four sentences or fewer, what was his position?


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