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URGENTAs we began this course, we explored at least two distinct models of civilization. The first focused on Europe and its evolution from a Medieval society to its emergence as a world power. Another focused on the Far East, including China and Japan, and a third offered the Islamic world as a model. The implication of this posturing is that at least three models contended for world dominance beginning in the 15th century. From that time, only one, the European model emerged victoriously. Let’s assume that last statement is correct. Your job in this question is to consider one of the other options. Why did they fail as an opponent of the West? What advantages did they have going into this contest (undeclared though it may be) and what disadvantages did they have? What were the turning points that led to their failure to keep pace with or even overtake the Europeans?As we began this course, we explored European interest in expansion or exploitation based on the notion that either God, greed, or glory motivated these explorations. Your job in this response is to consider the efforts of one European power in the age of exploration (14th through 18th centuries) and examine both what they did and how each of these motives fits into the context of those efforts. You are expected to consider the role of the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation in how and why your chosen European state engaged in the path of exploration and exploitation


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