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ASSESSMENT TASK 2: DESCRIPTIONThe Marina Bay Garden and Marina Barrage is an attraction by itself. Singaporeans andInternationals continue to throng this site. The garden boasts some special flora and fauna peculiar tothe tropics. The Marina Barrage that cuts across a 350 metre wide channel provides a pleasant viewof Singapore’s city skyline and water as an important resource for the island state.On the field trip observe the way the park is managed and the type of leisure activities available.Class sessions before the Field Trip will prepare students so you get the most out of your fieldexperiences. On our return, within our tutorials we will workshop several of the key issues/problemsfor sustainable management of tourism and recreational use of the Island.Students should keep a detailed field notebook on the day, and update and amend that notebook inthe days immediately following the field trip (while the experience is fresh in your mind). This practicewill help you in writing your field report. You will have several weeks after the field trip to choose twokey problems or issues that interest you and that you would like to further explore. You should thenseek about deepening your understanding of these two key problems/issues through further readingand research, and write and submit a short (1500 words) individual written report on 3 January 2016.As part of this report you need to include a 250 word reflection on your overall field trip learningexperience.Field Trip Reports must be submitted to the Safe Assignment drop box on the subject site onLearnJCU. Submission of a hard copy of the Report is also NOT require


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