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The Path Forward for Development in a Climate ChangeFutureUse what you’ve learned in class, as well as the article and videos linked below to answer one orboth of the following. Each prompt is worth a maximum of 5 points on your course exam score.Thus, you can get a maximum of 10 extra points, but essays will be graded on quality, not simplycompletion.Essay #1: Do you think poor/ developing countries should continue to burn coal moving forward tocontinue fast economic development, even if it worsens the effects of climate change?Your essay must include:Essay #2: Do you think that series/documentaries such as “Before the Flood” and “Years of LivingDangerously” are effective ways to engage and motivate the public to support action on climatechange?Your essay must include:**There is no “right” answer. Provide your opinion and defend it. Each essay should be 1-2 typed,single-spaced pages. You do not need to complete both essays, but you are welcome to for themaximum credit opportunity.


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