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Complete one of the following options for your Week 3 assignment:Option ADescription of Dance StylesSelect two styles of dance–such as ballet, modern dance, folk dance, and jazz dance–as described in your text.Describe each style of dance, and include the following:Submit your assignment in one of the following formats:Option BPlaylist MixtapeCreate a playlist of six to nine musical works.Organize your selections under a theme such as “Music for Motivation” or “Cross-Country Playlist.” Be as creative as you like.Include the following:Write a 350- to 700-word summary of your playlist which discusses how the formal and technical qualities of music affect you; in other words, how does music create a certain type of mood, and is it successful in prompting a response from you, emotional or otherwise? Use at least five to seven vocabulary terms from the text in your discussion, which may include but not limited to the following:Submit your playlist with its organizing theme, as well as your summary, in one document using the Assignment Files tab.I need this completed by midnight no later than 1:00 AM est on 03/18/2017. Must include the palylist if option B is selecetd. I like hip hop and R&B and christian music gospel like Hillsong…. etc.Show more 


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